An american company founded in the State of Florida, TTech is the single-source for the wholesale of truck wheels and equipment in the United States.

We are a corporation with over 30 years of experience supplying thousands of containers of truck and trailer parts. We lead in the introduction of new technologies for trucking fleet companies.

TTech has assisted some of the most important trucking companies in adopting new technologies, like tubeless spoke wheels. Because of the improved lifespans and fuel savings our products provide, these companies have been able to increase their productivity while at the same time saving thousands of dollars.

We work with many different types of businesses including parts distributors, shipping companies, trailer manufacturers, trading agencies and others. One of the main advantages for our customers is the fact that purchasing directly from TTech is like eliminating the ‘middleman’, and that means benefiting from extremely competitive pricing for each sector of the transport industry.

Each of our products is compliant with the most strict certificate programs in the world, including ‘Smithers Rapra’. All the certificates of quality for every product are completely available upon request, we are very proud to offer excellent quality to our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to start working with you and be part of your future success.


The TTech Team.