TTech has a wide variety of types and sizes of steel wheels. These include Tubeless Steel Wheels, Tube-Type Steel Wheels, Hub-Pilot Steel Wheels, European Mount Steel Wheels, Spoke Wheel Rims and more. The table below specifies the models currently available.

TTECH Steel Disc Wheels

TTECH has introduced the most advanced and precise machinery into the automated production line. These include the German Wagner Static Powder Painting Machine and the Automatic CNC Spinning Machine. By introducing these technologies into production, lighter wheels with better strength, uniform top-powder and smoother surface are built. We have also adopted the American Lincoln Submerge Welding Machine to guarantee welding quality, strength, and air tightness. All of this with the purpose of delivering the most reliable steel disc rims of the industry.
Science and technology has brought great changes to the steel wheel industry. Advanced equipment, senior talents and optimal management systems have opened the doors to unprecedented high-quality products. TTech attaches great importance to advanced technology by introducing top-class production equipment in our manufacturing process. This manifests our superior decision making policies in adopting automated production lines. TTech stands at the forefront of strategic planning and investment in the industry.
Wheel Features

Wheel Sizes and Specifications

Production and Manufacturing

TTech Introduces the most advanced software and equipment in the design, testing, production and quality control of steel disc wheels. We use strict management production techniques to guarantee optimum performance. See more:

Wheel Design


 Approved by DOT
 Compliance with Norm SAE J267
 Certified by Smithers Scientific Services
 TUV Product Safety Testing Certified
Quality Control System

 Run out testing
 Air-tightening testing
 Surface inspection
 Welding inspection

 German OWF spinning machine
 American Lincoln welding machine
 Harmonic Low point marking machine

Painting Treatment

 Pre-treatment with Zinc Phosphate bath
 American PPG ED Coating (E-Coat) primer
 American Valspar Powder 
 Available in white, black and grey